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How to propagate Alocasia Polly by cuttings
Alocasia plants are tuberous, which means they sprout from a central rhizome. Because of this, unlike many other houseplant species such as Monstera, it’s not really suitable for propagation by means of taking cuttings. Luckily that doesn’t mean propagating your Alocasia will be a challenge.

This plant grows in a clumping manner, which means that if you remove it from its pot you’ll usually find that it actually consists of multiple plant clumps. In addition to that, a healthy Alocasia plant will often produce offsets itself. These grow from its roots and form tiny copies of the adult plant that can easily be removed and replanted in a separate container.

However, Alocasia Polly can also propagate by cuttings. The cuttings of your giant taros can take place in March.

Choose stems with buds by cutting them carefully
Position your cuttings in a container made of moistened soil, without putting them in the earth
Cover to create a greenhouse effect
Install your cuttings in a room heated to 24 ° C
As soon as new shoots appear, start watering in small doses
Put your cuttings in pots once they have grown well, respecting the composition of the soil

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