Surprising watering results testing different bonsai soils for water clogging. Avoid rotting roots of potted plants by choosing the best soil mixture for your trees – World of Bonsai

The results of my experiments

Flat bonsai shells Water absorption Capacity of own weight
Akadama 25%
after 3 days in the sun 3% in the shade 15%
Garden soil 52%
after 3 days in the sun 9% in the shade 33
Peat/clay mixture 60%
after 3 days in the sun 10% in the shade 50%

High plant pot Water absorption capacity Own weight capacity
Garden soil 37%
after 3 days in the sun 16% in the shade 20%

Flat trays have a higher absorption capacity, but dry out faster

Placement in the shade considerably reduces evaporation

The admixture of organic soils should be minimal, if at all

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Pedrojo Díaz Haces

Buenísimo vídeo. Muy didáctico.
Muchísimas gracias!

Leandro Ferreira

Excellent vídeo and explanations, shouldn't you take into account the number of holes in the bottom of each pot?

Rafa Revuelta

hola peter ,me alegra volverte a ver veo que estas bien ,a seguir así, me a parecido muy interesante tus experimentos,buena orientación para tener en cuenta un abrazo espero el proximo video

Most interesting !! Thank You !!

huan teng

Thank you for sharing your experiment. Let me learn knowledge.


duy hien

Like, thankyou very much! Can i share?

Melanie Peter

Ein sehr aufschlussreiche Video… Danke für das kleine Experiment ?‍♀️☺️

Antonio Sanchez

Excelente video. Gracias Peter. Aunque no seas un cientifico como dices, sabes mucho de bonsais y haces buenos experimentos. Best regards.

lili cesar

TY ♡

Michael Bahr

This was great! But i'll have to watch it again and do the conversion to the imperial system. lol …left a like! thank you.. this is my first year with bonsai at temps reaching now up to 21.11 celsius. I think I need to water them twice out in the full Sun.. just quick 10-20 seconds.. Most of my plants are Akadama, pumice and lava stone..or cherry stone.

Some people focus only on thecniques but underscore the role that sciende behind the art plays in succesfully growing potted trees. Thanks a lot. This concept should have a place in every bonsai book or blog.