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You can use apical cuttings to propagate these plants. Simply remove an appropriate-sized cutting, place it in the potting mix, and put it under the suggested conditions. These are slow-growing plants so you will have to be very patient with them.

Start by sterilizing your equipment and tools and wearing the appropriate protective garments.
Now, remove cuttings from the mature plant that are at least 15 to 18 cm long and have a couple of healthy leaves attached to their ends.
Next, place these cuttings in a suitable, customized potting mix that has peat, perlite, and sand.
Put the cuttings under a moderate temperature of at least 25 degrees Fahrenheit and filtered light.
You can cover the cuttings with polyethylene to add to the factor of humidity.
This polyethylene can be removed after 2 weeks once the plant starts to root.
You can shift the cuttings to a bigger pot now and let them grow like a mature plant.
Week 1-2: Plant the cuttings and put them in a well-lit, warm, humid spot.

Weeks 3-4: Roots will start to grow by now. Make sure you remove the polyethylene bag and take care of the plant appropriately.

Weeks 5-7: The roots should be nicely developed by now, so you can shift the plant into a bigger pot without damaging them.

Months 2-4: The plant will take its time to grow but you need to be very consistent in terms of its care.

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