This amazing backyard Koi Pond is owned by a German Koi Hobbyist. This Koi pond and Japanese garden are very well maintained by the owner. All Koi Fish are from Japan and have their own name and variety. The owner was so kind to send me the video when he was feeding the koi fish from the roof.

This Koi pond contains about 60 High quality Koi fish. Kohaku, Showa, Sanke and many more. Its about 60.000 liters and about 16,000 gallon.

Do you like the pond?

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The Koi Partner

This Koi pond is amazing! ? What Koi do you like the most? The pond itself is even bigger than you can see in the video. The pond continues under the wooden bridge. The filtration system is so good it can handles 1 koi on 1m3 of pond water ?


Hi, I would pls like to know when a koï dealer buy Japanese tosaï at how many approximately do they buy them ? Because I heared that most of theme buy it for 10-12 euros and sell them at 50-60 euros.

KoiTime USA


Koi Big ?


Pretty nice pound ?, I would like to know if you had taked in account my idea of video about comparing different koï food brands ( fd koï food, JPD, JBL, Hikari, probites, malamix, tetra…).
I hope you are going well and you and your family is Ok.
Continue with your video ?

Nik Gourg

All of them beautifullll!!!!!!!!

Kristal Parafina

Wow lovely

adrian ozil

mantap Mas

tomek zaborowski

It's to many fish for this 16000 galon Whater




how deep is this koi pond? and what about the aeration? did they turn off during the video was taken?


I wonder how much each koi cost ?

Nailun Ni'am

So beautiful. Thanks.

P diddy

Holly s%$#❤❤❤??????

Nikhil Pabrekar

That's heaven!!! ?? ? ??

Jonathan Johnson

If I had a pond full of beautiful koi like that, I'd set a camera above it to get the full view and hang a 55" screen in my living room with a live feed; art in motion!

Abishiek Samlin

I am a middle class koi lover from India can you give me tips on how to grow a koi larger

Blanca West

Wouldn't the Koi enjoy living in a more natural environment amongst plants and rocks and such? Always makes me sad that they spend their lives surrounded by concrete. ?

thai carp

Beautiful fish. Quality water. Beautiful garden.

Daniel Tran

Can you do interviews like Koi keepers DVD series?

La pecera de Maria

Holahola !!! Wow very beautiful ??



Denise M Skewes

Another amazing video. Thank you.

Kczt Smoulder

Beautiful koi, like and subscribe!

Water Fish KPK

nice koi fish

Arshe Azam

I just love koi ❤️ a dream to own a pond like this. And have the most flamboyant colors at show.

Hello Kitty

OMG, so gorgeous! I keep looking at my swimming pool and wondering about turning it into a Koi pond, it's only 35,000 Lts tho so half the size of this one. I wonder if Koi would be happy in small groups or if they rather be in a big group? Anyway, beautiful pond and garden…

Lil Home Invasion

Very Very Beautiful ❤️

Viru Maheswaran

Amazing pond! Simply amazing.
Thanks for sharing ??

Top your movies

jo Vasse

Beautiful !!?

Suhas S

I have a question. Will the koi start breeding or is it mandatory to keep same gender fishes at all times?

Couldnt ask for more

I looooooovvvvvveeee it very much


So amazing!!!!

tony beards

Wow just wow..?

Bobbie Sox

Very pretty!


wanna be friends?

Jhon Codet

Hello ?????

William H

This puts into perspective on how big these koi are, they must be at least 80cm right? amazing indeed

Fatan and Fish

Beautiful fish…??

Danna Aruta

This is beautiful!!


wanna be friends?

Ashfaq Ahmed

Approx cost of the whole fishes?

Aussie Girl

Wow! I could watch this