Dipladenia propagation cuttings by foam medium:

Propagating Mandevilla sanderi (dipladenia) cuttings in foam medium (Rockwool) ensures successful and uniform rooting.

Wet Florist Foam cut into 3cm cubes (about $4 for 3 large blocks (Bricks Oasis Floral Foam) at a crafts store). Make sure you get “Wet” foam as opposed to “Dry” foam, the wet foam will help your cuttings, the dry will kill Mandevilla sanderi.
Rooting hormone (NAA or IBA, i use NAA 1000ppm. 5ml NAA+ 15ml water).
Pruning Mandevilla sanderi by Razor Blade
Tray to hold your foam and cuttings
Cuttings can be inserted into the propagation medium for immediate rooting. The cuttings do not store very well. If they need to be stored, place them at 10° C for no longer than 24 hours.
Insert the cuttings ~25% of the height of the foam and space them ~5 cm apart.
Use rooting hormone (IBA) as a dip or an overhead spray as it will significantly improve the uniformity and speed of rooting. Conduct trials with various concentrations to identify the optimal concentration for your particular cultivar and growing conditions.
Misting: The frequency of misting depends on greenhouse conditions such as light intensity temperature, humidity, and also the air movement. Generally, mist for 6 seconds every 8 minutes. Reduce the misting frequency as the cuttings establish in the propagation environment. Never let the cuttings wilt and foam media to dry out excessively during the course of propagation.
Fertilizer and watering: After 10 days into propagation consider watering with a hose and a breaker every 2 to 3 days with complete nutrient solution with 150 ppm N.
Humidity and Air circulation: Maintain high humidity (90 – 100%) levels and reduce air circulation to avoid wilting of the cuttings.

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